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June 17, 2015

Help to Know about Giant Stars

What is Giant stars? Here is an few answers about Giant stars. Giant stars die the same way as huge stars. They shrink faster then both the medium stars and the large stars. They shrink until they become a black hole. The gravity of the stars is great enough to trap light in them if it gets too close

September 30, 2014

Scientific Theory Information

In principle, a new phenomenon might emerge without reflecting destructively upon any part of scientific practice. A new theory does not have to conflict with any of its predecessors. It might deal exclusively with phenomena not previously known. Or again, the new theory might be simply a higher-level theory than those known before; one that linked together a whole group of lower level theories can be conceived. Any and all of them might be exemplified by the historical process through which science has developed. If they were, scientific development would be genuinely cumulative. New sorts of phenomena would simply disclose order in an aspect of nature where none had been seen before. In the evolution of science new knowledge would replace ignorance rather than replace knowledge of another and incompatible sort.

Article about DNA

The central dogma states that DNA is the sole carrier of inheritor information, and the fact that additional cell proteins are necessary in the inheritance process clearly means that DNA is NOT the sole carrier of inheritary information. your argument that the proteins are not 'modifying DNA' and just 'fixing it' does not make any sense, these proteins are not modifying or 'fixing' DNA, they are a necessary component in the inheritance mechanisms in the cell: they modify the protein production.