November 22, 2012

Help For Ultherapy Midland Treatment

The beauty of Ultherapy ‘uplifting ultrasound’ is that it is a face and neck treatment that improves skin laxity in a meaningful way but completely non–surgically. Only one treatment triggers the body’s own regenerative process of building new collagen to lift and tighten the skin — without surgery, downtime and from the inside out. Ulthera is a new skin-tightening device that we are offering here at the Body Focus. The treatment, known as Ultherapy, can tighten and lift loose skin and sagging tissues, creating a more youthful appearance. There are no surgical incisions and the procedure is very tolerable. 

 With ultrasound technology the treatment stimulates your body’s own healing response, restoring tone and elasticity to the skin and tissues. The technician touches the Ulthera ultrasound applicator to your skin, providing a view of the underlying tissue. An image is projected onto a screen that can be viewed and acoustic sound waves are delivered deep into the skin to thermally initiate your body’s own healing mechanisms. The ultherapy midland would be the right place to check out for people who were looking to find quality and effective Ultherapy treatment available in Midland, Texas. The Body Focus of Midland, Texas ensures most effective and quality treatment options for people that no other health network in its class could offer. For more information and suggestion of Ultherapy treatment, please feel free to check out the above-mentioned link.

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