June 13, 2015

My Experience at VISA Process

Visa interview is something that is always given a tremendous hype and my case was no exception. I attended a number of Visa counseling but nobody could draft what exactly will be asked. It only game a basic idea of what would happen at the same time they told me to expect any thing. Well finally the day arrived, my interview was at 10 o clock in the morning. I reached there well ahead and had to complete various formalities. After completing all those I was asked to sit in a cabin and they told me to proceed once my name is called. Till that time i was comfortable but as the names were call I began to get nervous. Well it was my turn and it was a Female member in charge for my.I showed her all my documents. She refused to take it and told me to leave. I got dead scared and with a mild tone i asked 'Mam what about ma visa' well she immediately replied that your visa is through and have a nice time. I was shocked to receive such a reply. It was a great sense of relief.It is certainly one of the most unforgettable incidents in my life.

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