October 6, 2022

Frustrating things of owning Apple Devices – iPhone, iPads, and Macs

Frustrating things of owning Apple Devices – iPhone, iPads, and Macs

I have been owning Apple devices for a long time and have always been fan for its quality, ease of use and ecosystem. However, there are few frustrating things about owning Apple devices and how accidental damage could ruin your entire user experience. Accidental damage may happen to anyone or during anytime, it’s the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the device is restored to the working condition in the simplest way and at affordable option. Apple devices has exception to all those concerns, as following are my issues of owning Apple devices and how my experience with the ecosystem is impacted.
  • Lack of trusted third-party service centers: If at all you had accidental damage to your Apple Devices – iPhone, iPad, Watch or Macs, then the only reliable option is to check with authorized service centers with exorbitant pricing and with hefty replacement charges. Even with large adoption of Apple devices in recent years, there has not been trusted third-party service centers with proven track record to have hassle free repairing option and second opinion on possible solution for accidental damage to the Apple device.
  • Simple diagnostic tools and unavailability of spare parts: As we know, with exorbitant Apple service or repairing options, we are left with two options of getting it repaired for hefty charges or getting it repaired with duplicate spare parts from third-party service centers. However, a simple diagnostic tool to identify the issue even if device failed to boot up and open market availability of spare parts from Apple directly would be most sensible option for most Apple device users.

Hope, Apple addresses the concerns from long-term users about how frustrating it has been to repair or find a solution to repair accidental damage or software corruption in the device. To read more such articles, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”

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