December 15, 2012

Help for Vein Surgeon Monroe

The Delta Vein Care in Monroe LA would be the smart place to check out for people who were looking to find right place for vein treatment. The Delta Vein Care in Monroe LA specializes in Comprehensive Care for Varicose Veins, General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery (including thyroid and parathyroid), Breast Surgery (including breast conserving surgery), Pacemaker and Cardiac DeFibrillator and lot more. Dr. Barr has extensive experience in laparoscopy and abdominal surgery, including surgery of the following: gall bladder, colon, small intestine, stomach and hernias. He also has a large breast surgery practice including breast conserving surgery. The Delta Vein Care office is equipped with the new Cool Touch laser and utilizes a trained staff familiar with the procedures. The staff includes nurses and ultrasonographers trained in the procedure. The Delta Vein Care office centers on the comfort and needs of the patient. Privacy and convenience are of utmost importance. Dr. Barr has personally selected his equipment and staff to assist and prepare the patient for surgery. For more information and experience of vein surgeon monroe, please feel free to check out the online site or the abov-mentioned link.

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